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If you are looking for a hassle free migration of your on premise application to Microsoft Cloud, you have come to the best experts. Infiflex, being a silver partner of Microsoft has offered it's expertise at lowest possible cost to varied clients thoughout India.
Find proven easy ready made solutions to your migration problems here along with 24x7 support services.

Azure products and services

Infiflex Technologies Pvt Ltd

Compute Services

Virtual machines, infrastructure as a service allowing users to launch general-purpose Microsoft Windows and Linux virtual machines, as well as preconfigured machine images for popular software packages.

Infiflex Technologies Pvt Ltd

Mobile services

Mobile engagement collects real-time analytics that highlight users' behavior. It also provides push notifications to mobile devices. HockeyApp can be used to develop, distribute and test mobile apps.

Infiflex Technologies Pvt Ltd

Storage services

Storage services provide REST and SDK APIs for storing and accessing data on the cloud.

Infiflex Technologies Pvt Ltd

Data Management

Azure Search provides a text search and a subset of OData's structured filters using REST or SDK APIs.

Infiflex Technologies Pvt Ltd

Machine Learning

Microsoft Azure Machine Learning service is part of the Cortana Intelligence Suite that enables predictive analytics and interaction with data using language and speech through Cortana.

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