Infiflex Technologies was established in 2010 in Kolkata, India with a vision to transform information technology in the cloud environment. However, the core team started working on a project in 2002 that went on to develop the Cloud Framework GIFFY. Over the last few years we have experienced strong growth and high adoption rate across industry verticals. We have operational presence in US, UK, Malaysia, Singapore and India. We have large customer base spread across the globe. We understand the importance and value our customers brand, and appreciate the need for its strategic positioning for sustained business benefit.

From the leaders of Cloud Solutions

Infiflex Technologies is a cloud computing company offering a comprehensive portfolio of products and services. We provide business consultancy and optimal solutions through our cloud based products. Our value proposition includes reduced Total Cost of Ownership, fast and quality computing, high scalability, reduced security risks and superior performance. We help our clients achieve their goals by transforming the shortcomings into business advantages. Our line of products and services effectively address the business requirements and equip the enterprises to compete successfully in the global market.

Infiflex also offers its customers G Suite expert consultation, setup and deployment, training and support services. We are always looking for ways to help our clients simplify the way they do business and at the same time reach high levels of success. Businesses no longer have to worry about key concerns such as data security and server maintenance, empowering them to move forward efficiently and with confidence.


It's our way of doing business, the way we interpret the world around us, our customers requirements, the future of technology, and the business environment. Whatever the future holds in store, our Vision or Infiflex Vision will be our guiding force.


To achieve excellence in cloud solutions and build long-term client relationships based on industry best services as well as mutual trust.


To provide our customers high quality market-defining solutions, that creates value and marks competitive edge over our competitors around the world.

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